The NRSPP has reformed the Grey Fleet Working Group (GFG) which was first formed in 2017 to develop the Grey Fleet Guide. The GFG over the next 18 months will:

o   Conduct a Literature review of published and grey literature.

o   Benchmark four diverse Industry Partners with grey fleet.

o   Update the Grey Fleet Guide.

o   Develop an online Grey Fleet Risk Maturity Continuum (Continuum) with key performance measures to assist organisations in implementing grey fleet safety management, measure change over time and reduce risk.

o   Hold a webinar on Grey Fleet Management.

o   Develop 10 grey fleet worker safety packages based off the NRSPP’s Toolbox Talk methodology but adapted to this sector.

o   Produce a research report and a journal paper on the Grey Fleet Safety Management and Risk Maturity Continuum.

The GFG will consist of two groups of partners:

1.     Focus Partners who will provide all of their grey fleet safety management systems, monitoring / reporting data, incident reports and reporting structure, a gap analysis will be conducted between what they have and the guide. The partners will then be tested against the Continuum and a strategy developed to assist them with implementing the guide and then the change/impact evaluated. The focus partners are:

a.      Commonwealth Bank of Australia

b.     Hireup

c.      Super Retail Group

d.     Uniting Communities

2.     General Partners will also be invited to provide policies and procedures to help inform updating of the guide and will act as peer reviewers of the project outputs. Once the Continuum has been developed they will be tested with the tool to understand their risk profile and areas for improvement.

The GFG will produce:

·       Grey Fleet Guide V2;

·       Online Grey Fleet Risk Maturity Continuum and accompanying guidance;

·       10 Grey Fleet Toolbox Talks (TBT), and

·       Evaluation, webinar and publication(s)/conference presentation(s).


All partners will be recognised on the NRSPP website.

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