This is the fourth Safety Survey and will be used to gather valuable data and insights into how safety responsibilities are currently being managed across the industry. It will also let us see what has changed and improved over the last two years.

Feedback from the Safety Survey helps to ensure that the NHVR adapts to changing risks and technologies in order to support the heavy vehicle industry through information, education and safety initiatives. Additionally, the survey has questions which will help us to measure the level of understanding of the Chain of Responsibility across the industry, as well as how people prefer to receive safety information from the NHVR.

We’re keen to hear from as many industry participants as possible so that we can ensure we have a broad picture of how safety responsibilities are being managed. Your assistance in encouraging members in the heavy vehicle industry to fill in this survey is greatly appreciated!

The survey can be accessed through the link below and will remain open until 18 June 2024.

Start survey

Attached is a brochure that can be displayed in relevant locations, the QR code leads directly to the survey.

The Safety Survey is being facilitated by Insync, an independent provider, and confidentiality is assured. Insync’s Privacy Policy and the NHVR’s Privacy Policy comply with Australian legislation, and this prohibits the provision of survey responses to the responder’s organisation or any third party in a manner which would allow responses to be linked back to them.

If your members should you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey process, or experience any technical difficulties, please contact the Insync Help Line on 03 9909 9251 or email [email protected].

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