NRSPP’s 2023 organisational campaign topic is road workers. This year’s campaign is specifically targeting the issues traffic controllers face on our roads.

The NRSPP Respect Traffic Controllers campaign focuses on humanising traffic controllers to facilitate road users’ empathy and promote safe interactions. Our goal is to minimise abuse directed at traffic controllers as they are here to make our roads safer.

A key finding reported that 54% of road workers received verbal or physical abuse from a member of the public while working. We found drivers believe they’re taking caution and slowing down enough when passing road works, but in reality 49.4% of vehicles exceed the temporary speed limit by 20 km/h or more.

“As I was picking up my signs, I had a bottle thrown at me smashing at my feet.” This is the kind of abuse traffic controllers endure in their jobs.

To build respect for traffic controllers, their voices need to be heard. A key part of the campaign will be anecdotes from traffic controllers, to showcase their stories and highlight their struggles.

NRSPP’s Respect Traffic Controllers campaign will launch on Monday May 15th and will be heavily promoted on NRSPP’s social media the following week from May 22-26.