The NRSPP is proud to announce that the “Humanising Truck Driver Campaign” which will be launched at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show will be proudly sponsored by Geotab. The campaign will draw on the NRSPP’s Heavy Vehicle Toolbox Talk truck driver interviews and is being developed by Swinburne University Bureau. 

The campaign touches on three key points which emerged during all 60plus truck driver interviews:

  • There is no single type of truck driver, they are all high skilled and professional;
  • They love and are proud of their job; and
  • For them to get home safely they need everyone to be safe around them and to share that responsibility. 

The campaign aligns with the Mack eye world record for largest truck made from LEGO – Brisbane Truck Show with five divers having busts made from Lego. Drivers from Alex Fraser, Bingo Industries, Holcim and Toll Group will feature. 

A formal announcement will be forthcoming.