The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) is proud to announce it has a new home at the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC).

MUARC was selected as the preferred host following an Expression of Interest process facilitated by Austroads.

NRSPP Independent Chair, Professor Barry Watson said MUARC was the perfect location for the organisation to build its network of Australian companies and agencies who are committed to building and implementing effective road safety strategies in the workplace.

The Program had been based at the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) since its launch in May 2014. It was established to bring together businesses, researchers and government in an industry-led collaborative network. Since its launch, the program has attracted over 120 partners, highlighting the preparedness of organisations to share their knowledge and experiences in developing a strong road safety culture. The Program provides free networking, support and education and convenes working groups centred around key workplace road safety risks identified by its Steering Committee.

“MUARC has a strong profile in work-related road safety and is very well-placed to support the NRSPP continue to evolve and grow,” Prof Watson said.

“The Program has been preparing for its next stage of growth over the last six months and is looking forward to the next phase of its development. We thank ARRB for the great support it provided to the NRSPP during its formative years.

“What really excited me is the opportunity to not only tap into MUARC’s expertise, but draw on the extensive technical resources within Monash University. MUARC has made a real commitment to build on the collaborative approach underpinning the Program,” he said.

The integration of NRSPP at MUARC has already delivered significant collaborative success.

NRSPP recently launched its first organisational road safety campaign focusing on driver distraction. The campaign is a collaboration between MUARC researchers, Fleet Strategy, Australia Post, Queensland Urban Utilities and Uniting Care Queensland.

MUARC Director, Professor Jude Charlton, said the Centre was strongly committed to supporting the NRSPP to ensure the Program continues to help Australian organisations develop a positive road safety culture to reduce work-related road trauma.

“Collaboration, sharing and innovation is at the heart of the NRSPP and is an approach that MUARC values highly and is keen to maintain,” Professor Charlton commented.

“The Centre welcomes NRSPP with great enthusiasm and we are committed to supporting this important initiative as the ‘go to’ platform for workplace road safety in Australia.” 

MUARC has a long history of providing the highest quality research, training and provision of independent recommendations to support the local and international communities it serves. The Centre will continue to produce research with real-life implications to support the NRSPP in their vision to create evidence-based safety policy and practice.  

MUARC will draw upon its extensive national and international transport agency networks to support the NRSPP in their vision to improve road safety. The NRSPP will also be supported through complementary Faculty-based research groups across Monash university as well as access to the university’s state- of-the-art research platforms and facilities. MUARC’s enterprising approach to partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations will be a cornerstone to supporting operations of the NRSPP. 

“At a time when Australia’s road trauma is on the rise, organisations and businesses can have a huge impact by sharing the responsibility for road safety. The NRSPP Partners have demonstrated that when road safety is treated as an investment it returns big dividends. Even more importantly it demonstrates the value of sharing road safety knowledge and expertise among peers, which has benefits for all,” Prof Watson said.

For further information please contact NRSPP via Program Director Jerome Carslake on 0429 009 998, Independent Chair Prof. Barry Watson on 0490 752 971, or MUARC via Ass. Prof Sharon Newnam 0422 723 957.