Austroads Survey needs your organisation’s insights Vehicles as a Workplace

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In consultation with the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities, Austroads has initiated a project to raise awareness of and help reduce work-¬-related road trauma in Australia and New Zealand. Martin Small Consulting has been retained to develop a guidance document and engagement strategy to support these aims.

This survey has been designed to identify gaps in knowledge and practices to determine the areas in which guidance for organisations will be most useful to help them fulfil their WHS obligations in the use of vehicles as workplaces.

Your organisation has been selected as one that has made a commitment to improving road traffic safety in the workplace and is therefore well placed to provide information based on your experience to help guide this project.

You can access the survey by clicking on this link or cutting and pasting it into your web browser.

The survey should take about five to ten minutes to complete. The project manager would be grateful if you could complete this survey by 19 July.

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