NRSPP Welcomes Safer Together as a Program Partner

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NRSPP would like to warmly welcome Safer Together as a Program Partner and looks forward to working with them in the future.

Who is Safer Together?

What sector does your organisation operate within? Queensland Natural Gas Exploration and Production. 
How far does your fleet drive? Currently, operators in the industry drive an estimated 100 million kilometres a year.

What does road safety mean to Safer Together?

Road use is the most visible aspect of the industry to the general public. Based on current road safety statistics this volume of travel could result in a number of serious vehicle related incidents a year. This potential is considered to be unacceptable. The emphasis of Safer Together’s Land Transport Work Group is to deliver industry-wide initiatives to drive improved industry road safety standards. This will reduce the risk to industry operators and the public and enhance the image of the industry in the community.

Why become a program partner?

Safer Together members operate within a common geographical area in Queensland, which involves many overlaps with communities and regulators. We use similar technologies with common hazards and risks. As a result, collaboration on safety is a natural outcome.

We also know that we do not have a monopoly on best practice in Queensland. To be truly collaborative we need to look outside the Queensland Natural Gas E&P Industry. For the best outcomes we must be prepared to share what we have and learn from others.

Genuine collaboration is a structured two-way dialogue that focuses on action and outcomes. We are proud to work with NRSPP to improve safety in our industry.

What are Safer Together's NRSPP road safety commitments and by when?

1. Link to NRSPP from the Safer Together website and encourage Safer Together members to register with the NRSPP website - April 2017
2. Invite representatives from NRSPP to next Safer Together Land Transport Incident Review Panel - September 2017
3. Provide a Safer Together Land Transport case study for upload to NRSPP website - May 2017
4. Facilitate collaboration between NRSPP Steering Committee, Utilities Forum and the Safer Together Land Transport Working Group - Ongoing 

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