NEW Thought Leadership: Response to common brain condition “is a no-brainer” - Depression


The NRSPP is proud to feature research conducted over the past five years by Taryn Chalmers, looking at depression in the transport industry. In this Thought Leadership Piece she is going to do some serious busting of myths surrounding depression.

Some context first.

Imagine that for every 10 of your friends, family and workmates, at least one had a medical condition that affected their mood and made them and those around them less safe and less productive.

Imagine that condition was easily treatable, usually for free, and that employers who invested in preventing it received a 200% return on investment. Imagine no more.

The condition is depression and, according to an expert on depression in the transport industry, the longer we continue to attach stigma to the condition, the longer our friends, family and workmates will suffer in silence and the more dangerous our roads and workplaces will be.

Truck drivers in particular are at higher risk of depression, their job sadly sets them up.  It not only impacts them personally but reduces driving performance and reaction time, and are seven times more likely to be involved in a crash.

The good news is that depression can be effectively managed.

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